About Vertice

From its inception in 1993, Vertice
has maintained its position as the favoured fashion destination for the style-conscious individuals. We envisage a unique space from which an artful fusion of modern continental style meet cutting-edge avant-garde concepts from eminent brands and fashion designers the world throughout. The culmination of this vision was the fiery birth of Vertice. The Peak, the Summit; the Apex.

Melo Trading Ltd T/D Vertice. The company will continue to operate and manage, as it was when the store found its first form whilst exploring deeper and wider into the avant-garde realm of fashion and establish a unique international lifestyle brand at the heart of Soho.

Vertice remains the most elegant answer to the ever-evolving quest for the niche and avantgarde market in men’s & women’s fashion of which resulted of a cult following and long-time loyal clientele worldwide. The wide range of unique and artisanal collections, designers, and ideas, presented in medium of cloth and accessories, makes for a forward – thinking equilibrium between originality and refinement. 

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31 Smith’s Ct
London, W1D 7DP
United Kingdom (UK)
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    Monday – Saturday: 10am – 7pm

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    020 7287 9464

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