Boris Bidjan Saberi SS17 – Post Humanism

Vertice visits Barcelona based, avant-garde designer Boris Bidjan Saberi as he presents his spring summer 2017 collection, titled “Post Humanism”. The collections plays with the idea of half-human, half-machine. A very fitting idea for the post-apocalyptic clothes the models adorned as they marched down the run way.

While there was layering and an aesthetic synonymous of the Boris collections we’ve come to love, Saberi continues to experiment and display his ability to present something new each season. Signature silhouettes were accompanied by new designs. The well-known monochromatic colour palette was replaced with shades of brown and yellow. A recently developed collaboration with sportswear specialists Solomon was the footwear of choice. A pleasant balance of new and familiar.

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Zika Liu

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Theo Lewis

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