‘Any Small Experience can Touch My Heart’ – Uma Wang Talks Romance & Nostalgia

Since launching her brand in 2005, Uma Wang has received critical acclaim for her shows and presentations in Shanghai, London, Paris, and Milan. She has become a leader in the Chinese fashion industry by consistently producing high-quality, innovative collections that always balance fashion with functionality. Uma Wang is especially skilled in mixing and matching different fabrics and textures to create simple but strong garments with subtle detailing. We asked her a few questions about her inspiration and plans for the future . . . .

What drove you to create a fashion label?

When I was a girl, where I used to live there was no sign of fashion or anything like that, so I never really thought about it; but I always appreciated beauty in all its forms and expressions. Then during my years at high school, I was in charge of the costumes for performers at annual balls, so I used to go with them to choose fabrics and shop for clothes. In my last year, when everyone had to write a farewell note and wish each other luck for the future, a lot of friends wrote me that they knew I would become a great designer. This surprised me, because they saw this skill in me before I could see it in myself. From that point on I actually started to think about it.

What is your inspiration?
My inspiration comes from the mundane and everyday. Any small experience can touch my heart: people, objects, colours, smells, memories, etc. The fashion I create is made of these emotions, feelings and impressions and is also inspired by the materials themselves. Everything I encounter influences my work in a different way.

How do you intend men to feel when wearing your clothing?
I hope a man wearing my clothes could feel more self confident, free and could feel the quality of his clothes giving him emotions from the inside, making him maybe even more romantic.

What details in your garments do you pay special attention to?
To me the most important thing is balance between the shapes and the fabrics, respecting the proportions when mixing different materials with each other.

What direction do you see your clothes taking in the future?
I think in the future my style will become more and more chic and simple, enriched with more quality and interesting accurate details.

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