Brazilian designer Gustavo Lins draws on his studies in architecture as well as his training under legendary couturiers to create a line of extremely wearable, sculptural and fluid pieces. His designs possess a gentle masculinity, offering something for men of all ages and size, from the office environment to personal leisure wear.

Fashioned from the most exclusive fabrics - cashmere, silk jersey, cool wool, wool crepe and softest lambskin - Gustavo Lins' clothes are quietly luxurious. As a young designer, he apprenticed with John Galliano, Lecoanet Hemant and Jean-Paul Gaultier Couture. These were experiences that taught Lins the rigors of cut, the importance of fit, and instilled in him a love of fine fabrics.

Gustavo Lin’s clothing is distinguishable by the topstitching that articulates the joints of his jackets and trousers, also the slim leather piping finishing the edges of a lapel or detailing the drape of a dress collar. Another giveaway would be the Gustavo Lins label, often hidden under a triangle of smooth leather stitched at the back of his garments.