About Vertice

From its inception in 1993, Vertice has maintained its position as the favored fashion destination for the style-conscious man.

We envisage a unique space from which an artful fusion of modern continental style could meet cutting-edge avant-garde concepts from eminent fashion designers the world throughout. The culmination of this vision saw to the fiery birth of Vertice. The Peak, the Summit; the Apex.

As true today as it was when the store found its first form, Vertice remains the most elegant answer to the ever-evolving quest for the definition of male elegance. And it is this fluid journey which remains its core spirit and primary motive force.

The wide range of collections, designers and ideas, presented in the medium of cloth, makes for a unique and forward–thinking equilibrium between innovation and chic, between originality and refinement.

Vertice, the definition of male elegance; the Peak, the Summit; the Apex.

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